Candace Joy Maiden


Catering Director

Candace Joy Maiden, Catering Director, became vegan in 2017. Candace decided that after watching the documentary What the Health and reading about the benefits of a plant-based diet, this would be the best lifestyle change for health and wellness. Candace is also raising her 2-year old daughter vegan and encouraging her to make ethical decision in regards to the treatment of animals. Like Kurtis, Candace too, was frustrated with the vegan options and selections in the Greater Cleveland area and wanted to be a part of the solution to encourage others to go vegan. Through much research and planning, Candace came up with the name Squash the Beef. Squash the Beef, a colloquialism in the hip hop world was a catchy name to illustrate the power of vegetables over meat. The name was unanimously received by members of the LLC and the concept was born. Candace is responsible for the marketing and creative design of Squash the Beef and making sure the name and brand is widely received. Candace hopes that Squash the Beef not only attracts vegans, but provides an alternative way of eating for non-vegans too. Her desire is for people to realize that good, quality food can be satisfying without the death of animals.